Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At Home

We were quiet today.  Hugo played with his Batman Cave, the girls rolled about on the floor and I, well, I moped about from room to room here in the house.  A nasty, dark cloud has been hanging over my head since the weekend.  I wonder if my hormones are awakening to the fact that I no longer have babies in my womb and will soon be returning to normal.  My hormones don't normally bug me.  Like at all.  I've been lucky.  I'm anxious to feel like me again.  For this heaviness to leave. 

As I read Hugo his bedtime story, he chose the Princess and the Frog, I decided that I couldn't stand his long hair for one second more.  He surprised me by being on board with my idea to jump out of bed right then, and run to the bathroom to start cutting.  Normally, he is such a pill about having his hair cut.  Freaks out when the cut hair falls on his body, moves constantly, cries, pants, begs for me to stop all while I've only managed to trim his bangs.  I dread cutting his hair.

Tonight was different.  Hugo told me he was going to be brave.  Brave?!  Wow, what an awesome idea I told him!  And he was brave.  He had a fresh washcloth in his hand so he could dust off bits of hair as he pleased.  He did really well.  Especially since I must admit that the cut took me for-ever.  I don't know how to cut hair people.

Cesar wanted me to cut his hair when we were first married.  He used to have the hair gals on set trim him up.  I was terrified.  He didn't look so good after that first trim by moi.  Cesar didn't mind at all.  After awhile, I liked how I shaped his hair, but it always took me for-ever.  And I always ended up with a mouthful of black hair!  Yuck!!  I never figured out how to hold the scissors in one hand and the comb in the other, I switched back and forth and into the mouth.  Trouble.

One day, strange mechanical sounds were heard in the upstairs bathroom.  Cesar came out with his hair buzzed to his scalp.  He'd ventured out into the world of hair cutting all on his own and hasn't looked back.  I'm nervous that one day he'll buzz Hugo's dainty head.  It would be wrong, wrong, wrong.  So don't get any bright ideas, Cesar!

Tonight as I clipped away at Hugo's hair, the time was ticking by and he was getting cold and bored.  His hair was not right though.  I had no idea what I was doing.  Then I spied this wing thing sticking out, which I knew needed to be chopped off, so I told Hugo to hold still, cause I was gonna clip off a chicken wing.  A chicken wing!  Hugo's eyes got real big.  He was very concerned about the chicken wing and how many more there might be and were there chickens living in his head, how did they get there?, were there lots of feathers?, why couldn't he see them? and yes, I better get them quick so there wouldn't be any left when he went to sleep.  He held reeeeal still.  For once.

I was taken aback with how much Hugo trusted me tonight.  I was so trying to not burst out laughing when I realized that he completely believed me.  Normally, he would have laughed at me, silly Momma, talking about chicken wings in his hair!  Tonight, he whipped his head around, craning to look in the mirror to spy some pesky chicken wings sticking out of his hair for himself.   I hid behind his head so he wouldn't see me holding back the laughter in the mirrors reflection.  The little monkey believed me.  He also held still and soon after, asked me to hurry so he could go to bed.  I love him so.

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MAGGIE MAY said...

Chicken wings--I'm chuckling. Hugo is the best.