Saturday, June 5, 2010


Sabine was the first to wake this morning.  I carried her into our room to nurse quietly in the big bed.  Promptly, I fell asleep.  I awoke to the sounds of Hugo's squeaky bedroom door opening and his little feet padding (more like thumping!) down the hall.  He didn't enter our room.  

I broke off Sabine to quickly hop out of bed with a feeling that I needed to see what our little boy was up to.  His name was about to roll off my tongue as I rounded the corner of the nursery doorway, when I paused.  What I saw stopped the words in my mouth and my feet upon the floor.  Pure sweetness I witnessed there and then.  Quickly, I did my own padding in retreat to fetch my phone so as to capture the moment for my own remembrance. 

People ask often how Hugo is doing with the girls.  Does he like them?  Is he jealous?  I'm here to say that Hugo Augustus love, loves his two sisters.  He may play rough with them at times but he doesn't mean to be rough.  He smooches and hugs them all - the - time.  He'll fetch toys for them.  He wipes spit-up off their chins.  He tries to help them flip onto their backs when they're frustrated and they've gotten themselves stuck on their bellies.  I can't tell you how many times a day this little boy helps me.  If somebody starts squaking, he runs over and makes baby talk for them.  Or he'll sing to them Old Mac Donald, Twinkle Star, Sunbeam or Gray Squirrel or the Marlo Song or the Sabine Song.  He likes to make heart shapes with his hands and church going people with his fingers.  Sometimes, he plays this weird spitting/sputtering (his own version of a raspberry) game right up close in their faces.  I'm not overly fond of the sputtering game, but it does make the girls laugh.  Nobody can make Marlo and Sabine laugh like Hugo can.

These photos were taken later in the morning.  Just after I'd gotten the girls dressed and downstairs but before I managed to coax Hugo out of his pajamas.

I was reminded of these long ago pics of Hugo.

And I've always liked this one!

Hugo Augustus

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