Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Three

This was taken right after lunch today. I was trying to maneuver around the back of Cesar's chair at the head of the table and on into the kitchen. Cesar grabbed me and hugged my belly from his seated position. Hugo didn't want to be left out and quickly jumped up into Cesar's lap to hug him. Seeing this photo opportunity, I snatched up Cesar's iPhone from the table and told everyone to hold still. Snap!

We received our first financing bill for the new van today. Exciting... We also opened up some pay checks. Yipee! Cesar pointed out that since the girls will be born before the end of the year, we'll be able to claim 5 (five) dependents on our taxes this year. Five! Wowsie. Who needs the number four?


Millie Price said...

ha ha, i thought it was funny you're skipping four...that number is totally over-rated anyway. 5 is definitely where it's at!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so very thrilling!
So sorry I haven't visited much lately.
all best wishes

Maggie May said...

saw this pic on Cesar's FB--so darling. His expression is priceless. Hugo just looks adorable, but he looks that way in every single solitary picture of him you have EVER taken of him! No biggie... :)

'the girls'--ha! sounds funny, eh?

Lora said...

i love that in a few months, girls will outnumber boys in your household!! GO GIRL TEAM!!

by the way, this IS an incredibly sweet photo.