Monday, September 21, 2009

28 Weeks

My tummy is hanging l-o-w, low. I remember during my last pregnancy women telling me that they knew I wasn't ready to pop because I hadn't dropped. I don't know if the bulge has ever been "up" with these girls. My tummy hangs so low, that it is very, very hard to keep my pants on my rear end. This is one fall season in which I especially wish the Indian Summer weather would drag out forever. I need to be able to keep wearing my dresses! Oh, and I must keep bare legged. I shutter at the thought of pulling tights up and over the bulge, the watermelon, the torpedo, the twin cooker of a stomach which is mine. How would I keep them up? Clothespins? I have been worshiping the bulge with oil morning, noon and night. Please stretch prettily oh skin of mine, please. We've a ways to go yet.