Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Awesome Day

Life did not roll as planned today.

Last night I had told Cesar that Hugo and I planned on staying home today. A nice quiet day was on the agenda. It is time to spiffy, dust, sort, toss and organize the upstairs. We have two rooms which need to be condensed/organized in hopes of being beautified for welcoming our soon to be arriving girls.

Cesar telephoned at 8:23 am and I was still sleeping, in my bed! Not on the couch, cuddling Hugo with sounds of Imagination Movers or Agent Oso running through my dreams. Then I realized that if I was in bed, Hugo must also be sleeping! Awesome! Once off the phone, my thoughts drifted towards those oh so yummy swedish hotcakes. I quickly dialed up Jin to join us with her girls for a breakfast party. It was de-lish!

Then Jan called. "Want to meet up at the park to play with Kenney?"

Snacks of apple slices, fat pretzels, almonds and water bottles were quickly tossed into a cooler. Bodies were clothed, bikes loaded into the back of the van, a movie was turned on. The weather was playdate perfect.

There were some grumpy moments.
Mostly from my child
but I couldn't resist Miss Amy
and her beautiful sourpuss face.

We avoided the yellow jackets, smashed a few.

Enjoyed the view from the river's edge.

Met new play friends.

The afternoon was fading and groceries needed purchasing. We caravaned to Jolly Cow for chocolate cones all around, Jan was a trooper and stayed behind with the kids. Jin and I slipped away in our van to Adam's for quick dinner items. I want to try out her husband's meatball recipe. I've been dreaming of them... The Doc says that I'm anemic at the moment so, bring on the meat I say!

Once home, I didn't make the meatballs. Possibly tomorrow or maybe Friday. I want to make extra to start putting aside dinners, or at least parts thereof, for when the girls arrive and I have less time. Millie told me she has a great chicken casserole recipe which freezes well, I'm waiting for her email. Any more great freezing ideas out there?

Hugo and I ate ham sandwiches with horseradish cheddar cheese spread, cheddar and herbs flavored chips, grapes and a biscotti with milk for dessert.
Hit the spot.

All and all, it was a very tasty food day.

Now, what to make tomorrow?


Alissa said...

I've discovered that enchiladas and lasagna freeze well. i'll try to drop some by next week to add to your supplies!

Miss Red said...

such a sweet post!