Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Hugo had his first day of Preschool today! He looooved it. Did not care one bit that I disappeared. Actually, I could barely keep him holding my hand as we walked down the hall toward his classroom. The room was already filled with children. Some were playing with toys and some were in the arms of the three teachers crying while their parents hid in the hall. Hugo spied the toys and made a bee line for the back of the room. I noticed that the other children all had name tags on. I tried my best to reason with Hugo that we needed to back up a moment and pin on a name tag, they were in the shape of triangles. Hugo flat out ignored me. Was not moving from the toys. I had to pick him up and haul him over to the name tag table. Once his tag was pinned on I asked for a smooch which he gave me and then he was off. I said hello to one of his teachers and left the room counting my lucky stars that our child has turned out to be a social butterfly.

I had 2.5 hours of freedom. I hardly knew what to do with myself. A girlfriend was walking home from the elementary school with her daycare kids. She invited me in and well, an hour later I headed for home. Once there, I tossed the dogs outside and toasted a bagel, smothered it in cream cheese and mixed up some chocolate milk to drink down my prenatal vitamin, calcium and iron supplements. I started some laundry. I watched birds eat flower seeds in my garden. The time flew past. I jumped back in the van and drove over to the dealer to pick up our new registration. That was that. My free time was up. I raced back to Hugo's school. With all that free time on my hands I was still the last parent in line to pick up my child, not that he minded one bit. Hugo was beaming as he jumped out the door toward me! He had a great morning.

We walked down the block back to Lisa's house. She agreed to watch him while I drove north for my baby doc appt. Hugo couldn't wait to play at Lisa's house, more kids. He pushed me out the door.

The girls are doing great. Baby A is 2lb 12 oz (72 percentile) and Baby B is 3lbs (82 percentile). They are quite content at the moment. I have this strange anti-body in my blood though, well, I'm actually negative for it. The Doc thinks Cesar is positive. I have to have a special ultrasound within the next two weeks to examine the blood vessels on the baby's skulls. I also need to repeat my glucose test. Changing from one doc office to another is a bit of a pain. It's interesting to me witnessing how one office thinks their way is better than another. I hope to do the test on Thursday while Hugo is back at preschool.


Maggie May said...

Yay for Hugo!! I think it's great that he's an extrovert. Guess he takes after Cesar in that dept. huh? :)

KristyKay said...

I think its great that our little man is so outgoing. You definitely do not need a "cling-on" with all the expectations ahead of you!