Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I woke last night to the tune of 2:30 am for my usual tinkle time. I could not fall back asleep. The mind was a whirling and a whirling. I decided to be a tad productive while not disturbing the sleeping husband, and slipped into the next room. Not too productive mind you, just the 'lets make a to do list for the next few months' sort of productivity. It was just the sort of activity that my very awake mind needed. The written page filled up a bit too quickly. I'm not sure where the past few months have gone? Baby-ies-ies will be here before we know it and boy oh boy is there a lot to accomplish first. Kinda frightening really.

I heard Cesar's phone alarm sound off and snuck back into our room. We chit-chatted a minute while he dressed for the day and I stuck pillows here and there around my growing body. With a quick smooch for me, a scratch for the kitty and some I love you's, he was out the door. I tried my best to close my eyes and count sheep. I think I actually drifted in and out of sleep a few times. I was comfy and cozy.

There was a thump and a squeak and the sound of Hugo's elephant footsteps coming my way. I lay there silent. I wondered where his point of entry to the top of our bed would be? He avoids me like the plague since he knows I'll march his little behind back to his own quarters. He walked towards Cesar's side but doubled back to the middle of the bottom of our bed to pull himself up. I couldn't resist giving him a squeeze and a smooch as I covered him up. He doesn't like to cuddle remember, so he rolled towards Cesar's side. I tried to close my eyes once more. Counting sheep, counting sheep, counting sheep...

After a long bit, the sheep were no longer being counted and Hugo was silent but still awake. I carried him back to his own bed. He hadn't been bothering me in any way, he just wasn't sleeping. I told him I was going to carry him back "so please stand up for me", I asked. He was fine with it. No tears, no pleading, no promises of being still and quiet. He just didn't want me to forget his slippers. Isn't that cute? We only pulled his slippers out of summer hibernation a few days ago and he is already in love with them all over again.

Okay. Back under my own covers. Pillows are in place. A bird is kinda sorta singing and a nice breeze is coming in through the window. Closing my eyes... I think I drifted in and out of sleep again.

There was a thump and a squeak and the sound of Hugo's elephant footsteps rounding the hallway, not my room. His voice called out to me explaining he needed to tinkle. Okay, I replied. "That's awesome hun." A strange sound... Hugo sorta upset asking what this was??? Well, I didn't know. I needed to lift and roll my stomach so that I could turn to the side of the bed with the lamp. Cesar said we should get me a clapper and I think he might be on to something. Anyway, Hugo had gotten himself caught up in the giant shop vac hose which was out of place in front of the linen closet doors. He didn't cry, he was just very surprised. After explaining I was sorry the shop vac was in the hall, I helped him into the bathroom. While tinkling, he became very chatty. He wondered over how bright the light from my room was. "Yes, yes" I said. "It is very dark outside so the light seems extra bright to our sleepy eyes." "But Mom, that light is soooo bright." "Let's not talk sweet pea, it is night time and we need to stay sleepy and quiet." "Okay Mom." We walked back into his room and covered him up again. I smooched the bridge of his nose, told him that I loved him and closed his squeaky door.

Back under the covers for me. Pillows arranged around the twin cooker of a belly of mine. The cat Evie needed a scratch or two and I was out....

I opened my eyes to the sound of Hugo's voice this morning, again. My room was bright, the sun was shining. Hugo sounded far, far away but he was standing right in front of me. I blinked my eyes to focus myself better. His eyes and a bit of his nose peered over the mattress at me as he smiled and said, "Momma, it's 14 o'clock, time to wake up. No big deal."

Everything these days is no big deal in Hugo Land. And we hear a lot of "I know" and "I told you" and "Jeez Louise" and "you silly goose!". He told me yesterday that some "big kid called me dude Mom!" It was funny to hear the word dude come out of his mouth. I'm liking his fascination with time best of all.

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amy said...

Some big kid called Hugo dude?
That cracked me up.

I loved that entire story, and I say no big deal all the time but I say it in a jokey way, like "I have thousands of dollars to spend, no big deal"

Your belly is looking quite lovely and full of life.

Good luck with the guest room and your visitors. I hope you get everything done on your early morning to-do list!