Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Morning

Millie's Ward changed Sunday schedules with the beginning of the new year and sacrament doesn't begin until 1:30pm. Wow! Hugo and I were pretty spent and sickly. I decided that sacrament in the middle of nap time was not going to fly for us today. I offered that Millie leave Carley home and the three of us would nap and I would babysit the oven and finally cook the turkey. We have been hoping to eat this bird for daaaays! Millie's oven hasn't wanted to cooperate with us. As we drove home from the beach yesterday we expected that the oven was busily cooking and basting our bird for us. We couldn't wait to enter the house and breathe in that delicious smell of having a bird in the oven. Lucas was the first out of the van and into the house. Millie called after him wondering if it smelled like heaven... Lucas yelled back that the kitchen smelled like dirty socks. Our hearts sank. The oven was stone cold. We piled back into the van and went to Denny's.

With the smooth pavement of the Price driveway, Hugo has been in trike, bike and scooter heaven. He has a hard time dealing with our gravel drive. It was fun to see him motor around unassisted.

Pink scooter adoration!

I love his hunched stance and his bare foot pushing him along.
Have I mentioned how delightfully warm it is here?

Uncle Trent joined us outdoors for a game of softball. Hugo was enthralled.

Meltdown time.

Have I mentioned how much we need a nap and quiet?
Uncle Trent was trying so hard to please him. Cute.

I've forgotten to mention this until now. Hugo calls Uncle Trent Daddy most of the time. He hears his cousins calling him Daddy and has joined the chorus. Sometimes I correct him but, he calls Cesar Poppa so as long as Uncle Trent doesn't mind, I think it is cute. Strange to hear, but cute.

Alone time at last...
We love our cousins but are not used
to so much excitement all the time!
Okay, cozy beds are calling all our names now.
Nighty, night!

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