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We all rolled out of bed and filled our tummies with cereal this morning. Millie and I packed snack bags, peanut - oh excuse me Hugo, I mean beanut butter sandwiches, apple slices and bottled water into our backpacks along with some cash, wipes, Kleenex and our cameras. Millie was oh so smart and hauled her double stroller and a single stroller into the back of the van. Smart, smart momma she is. After we were all dressed, we all then piled into the van and the movie requests were shouted out from the way back! "Monsters!" "Tinkerbell!" "No, Wall-E!" We skated down the highway traffic free. It was to be our day at Disneyland.

This was our first ride of the day - the rocket. But wait... where oh where did that face come from?

A. Hugo is looking straight into the camera
B. Hugo is making one of those fake/silly smile faces - where do they learn these things? Why do they make such faces?

It was on this rocket ride where I first spied the Buzz Lightyear character. I told Hugo to hurry and look down below because there was Buzz. He about pole vaulted himself out of our rocket to get to Buzz. He could not wait for the ride to stop (it was the only ride all day long which he wished would ever stop) so that he might see this giant Buzz more clearly. Once we had Buzz's undivided attention Hugo had no idea what to do.

Buzz gestured for a hug.
Hugo: Nope. Not gonna.
Buzz wanted to high 5.
Hugo: Maybe... nope, just foolin'.
Buzz waved.
Hugo: That works for me.
Hugo: May I follow you around for the rest of the day?
Buzz - No way short human. I have Zurg to defeat and the Universe to defend!

We all had a good time on this Buzz Lightyear ride! It was airconditioned and felt awesome! We got to shoot at all sorts of pop out targets and worked as a group to defeat a giant Zurg at one point. At the end of the ride our individual scores were reveled. Hugo did not, did not, did not want to leave. He especially did not want to leave his space gun behind!

Miss Carley.

Waiting in line for the Dumbo ride.
This ride was the most weak in my humble opinion.

Hugo doesn't pay any attention to my opinions.

Hugo got to hold the feather to help us fly. So cute!

Carley was an angel all day long.

This circus train ride had the longest wait but was sooo worth it. The ride lasted a pretty long length of time and was cool and breezy. Hugo loved every - single - second. Notice the smile and yet more eye contact with the camera! I'm not sure if it has something to do with Auntie Millie behind the lens or his shear happiness about our day. Both work for me.

He looked to the left.

He looked to his right.

Hugo was in train riding heaven.

Who doesn't enjoy the merry-go-round?!
Lucas tickled Hugo throughout the ride,
see above photo.

Wished you had been here with us Poppa!

Millie took the kids on the tea cups while I bought Mickey ears for Hugo.

He didn't hesitate a minute. The ears were on his head in no time.

I told him that the Mickey ears would help Buzz to find us.
He wore his Mickey hat all day
while continually scanning the crowd
for Buzz to appear.

Inside Minnie's house.

Hugo surprised me with his affection toward Goofy. The character ignored us at first and took off saying hello to few. It was sad. I was sad and crazed and followed after Goofy while carrying Hugo. A few other parents were in on this following Goofy bit with me. Goofy stopped near his house but again ignored us. In a way I didn't care because I was pretty sure that Hugo only wanted to see Goofy, not meet him or hug him. Well, Goofy saw us hanging a few yards back and surprise, surprise made his way on over. He must have wanted to get rid of me, crazy character follower mom that I was. The above shot was what I got of our short visit with Goofy. Silly Hugo just didn't know what to do with himself when we were close up with his cartoon friends. Buzz and Goofy. Hugo's two loves.

We took a break from the rides and let the kids blow off steam in Goofy's backyard.

Hugo and Carley tickled the ivory's of Goofy's very silly sounding piano. Instead of the normal piano melodies all sorts of goofy sounds were created. Horns, giggles, springs, whirly things...

They laughed and laughed!

Hugo spied something over his shoulder...

Another Goofy sighting, longing.
Hugo calls him Goopy.

Back to silly music making for Hugo.

Out the door he went in search of Emry.


We all went on a very fun roller coaster. I don't remember its name...
Here we are making our way through the line.

We all loved this roller coaster! Lucas begged to go again and I was game. Millie and Carley decided to sit this second ride out so Lucas, Emry, Hugo and I ran to line up and wait our turn.

It wasn't a big deal to wait in line, like I said at the beginning of this post, it was our day to be at Disneyland. Waiting in this line gave us plenty of time to act silly together, climb some fences and hug like crazy! It was a very warm day and we were happy that we had remembered to pack lots of water.




Hugo was all about hugging Lucas.

Maybe it was more about hug attacking Lucas.

Emry joined in on the hug attack, torture of her big brother fun!

After exiting the roller coaster a second time we met up with Millie and tucked all the kids into their strollers to walk over to a different part of the part. Millie was the leader and I was a happy follower. It was nice to not worry about directions or decisions and simply push Hugo's stroller and enjoy all the lovely trees and beautiful plantings. Everywhere I looked it was truly lovely. I was smiling from ear to ear just like Hugo. We soon rounded a bend in our path and guess who we saw... Woody and , and - the Cowgirl were standing there! Can you tell that I haven't a clue as to what happens in Toy Story 2? Hugo finally allowed me to hold him up close to a character, but not just any character you see, only the sweet Woody made the Hugo cut.

Two seconds later we spied Pocahontas and Emry was off in a flash.

Miss Emry cracked me up as she held hands with Pocahontas. She swung her leg back and forth she did. And not just a little bit of swinging was goin on. It was almost as if dear Emry were trying out for the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes Christmas show and Pocahontas was the main judge!

Pocahontas was a good sport.

Emry will be a star one day!

Moments later the kids were again strapped into their strollers and snack bags were passed out. We were searching out some food to eat. Peanut butter only holds the tummy sooo long. I looked down at Hugo to ask him a question and the above is what I found. Passed out cold in .04 seconds in the middle of Disneyland. Oh, and I do mean out cold. We parked the strollers near a pretty pond full of ducks so Millie could eat and Lucas and I set out for the Matterhorn. I would like to say here, that baby Carley was awake the entire day, only Hugo that passed out! Again, I was very grateful to have the stroller! Thanks Millie!

As Lucas and I stood in line for our chance to ride he asked me a question. We happened to be in a tunnel and I couldn't hear him. My ears had been plugged the entire trip due to some bizarre cold/flu thing that I caught from sister-in-law... she knows who she is! Anyway, Lucas and I were in this tunnel and I couldn't make out what he was saying - at all. It was not a good feeling. I told him to please hold his thought and wait till we were out of the tunnel, that I couldn't hear because of my ears, again. He was very patient with me and waited. As soon as we were clear of the tunnel he turned to me and said,

"Aunt Ali, when my ears are plugged and I can't hear, I stick my fingers in them like this (please pause here, close your eyes and imagine sweet Lucas looking up intently at me with his fingers stuck in his ears... ) and then I wiggle them. (Now picture those fingers shaking all around!) It works every time Aunt Ali. You should try it."

I now have three physicians by the name of Price doctoring me.

Eventually we made it over to the Winnie the Pooh ride and I decided it was time to wake sleeping Hugo from his monster nap. The Pooh ride was magical, we rode it twice! It happens to be Carley's favorite. We are pretty positive from her reaction that she remembered the ride. The Price family has year passes to Disneyland and they visit often. Lucky ducks!

Good-bye Tink, Goopy and Buzz!
Until next time, be well!

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