Friday, January 9, 2009

Afternoon at the Jetty

The weather was glorious today. We couldn't wait for Lucas to out of school so we could all walk down the jetty at the beach. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as the water was in sight, gray skies and a steady breeze rolled in. I was so glad that I tossed our hats, jackets and a scarf for myself into our bag for just in case.

Naturally, Hugo landed in the water moments later.
Millie captured the moment for us.

This was my view of the situation.
I held him and then pulled the wet pant legs away from his skin,
down over the top of his boots.

The following two photos are what my camera took all on its own
as I attempted to soothe my bruised little Hugo.

It wasn't long before Mr Hugo was off and running after his cousins once more.

Trent drove down to meet us after investigating a source of parts for his missed fish tank.

Hugo only wanted to hold Auntie Millie's hand, not mine.

We spied a pirate ship coming to shore!

Uncle Trent and Lucas were searching for a starfish amongst the rocks to bring up top to us.

Millie took this photograph for me with my camera.
I wasn't wearing any shoes to be able to climb down the rocks.

We had a special dinner of hot dogs roasted in the fireplace!

After all was polished off, we made smores! Yum!

Lucas brought out his new pirate book to share with us all.

A little wild rumpus action was acted out!

The End.


Pagan Sphinx said...

Oh, what nice pictures! I love the top few where Hugo's fall is depicted. You capture childhood drama very well!

That starfish is beautiful. I'm so jealous. What a great beach day, even with the weather that rolled in.

Audra said...

Wow, I totally missed these posts from Millie's! What a fun find. As usual, wonderful pictures of family and sights. You and Mil must have a special relationship-I couldn't spend TWO weeks with my sisters!! :)

amy said...

So many great pictures. You have a rich life.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Audra - You didn't miss anything. I am only now posting about our time in CA. Millie had a terrible internet connection along with the fact that I was sick. I went to bed along with Hugo most nights. So, now I am playing catch up!

Amy - To say that I have a rich life is such a nice thing to hear and something to be remembered. I think I need to print your comment out and pin it up somewhere for a day when I am feeling blue. Thank you.