Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Price House Tour

This is the Price House. It's a ranch, so that makes it tough to photograph to its fullest potential for me, sorry. It is very pretty in person. The house is long and curvy and wide in the middle. Sorta like a snake that swallowed a mouse. The mouse would be their living and dining room set parallel to a sun room on the back of the house. The avocado grove and a stand of banana trees hug their house from behind. With that said, the bamboo and lechee nuts kiss it's backside. It was a very relaxing space to spend time in.

The front of the house and down to the road is full of grapefruit, orange, tangerine, and lemon trees. We just learned that the lemons will be in season all year! Hip, Hip, Hurray for Lemonade!

Millie took this shot of the bamboo blowing in the wind.

Lucas Tate being a sweetie picking flowers for his Mom.

Along with the bananas, some plantains have been planted.
Trent wants to cook these up for us!

Lychee nut - one of my favorites!
My girlfriend Annabelle introduced me to these years ago while I was living in Baltimore, Maryland.

Hugo and Emry had a real problem leaving the fruit alone. They wanted to pick and pick. The trouble with preschoolish aged fruit pickers is that they don't realize, or listen, to the fact that the branches need to remain with the tree. Leaves too. They were a little too enthusiastic.

Here Millie is receiving a lesson from the grove manager Salvador regarding what was in season and where and how to pick. He took us on a little hike around down and through the trees. Something interesting that we learned is that the grove boasts a few trees which produce large, beautiful avocados. The interesting part is that these trees are scheduled to be uprooted and removed to be replaced by the smaller fruit producing kind. Seems that we Americans prefer our avocados on the petite side. Salvador had marked a few of these trees and invited us to take as much of the fruit as possible. Millie has been sharing with her friends and Trent has been taking bags of their fruit spoils into the hospital to share.

View of pretty horse stables to the left of the grove.

Many of the fields around them are nurseries full of palms, cacti, succulents and other beautiful plants to landscape yards and commercial sites with.

The crop in the lower field was strawberries. Fresh strawberries! They were already coloring up beautifully. I wanted to hop out of our car and gorge myself on their freshness. Millie locked the doors and sped up.

This white box up in the tree top is an owl house. Salvador told us that owls only live in it while they mate and raise their young. This tree is next to the garage and Millie was dive bombed by an owl as she came home late last night. She wants to set up her camera nearby and hope for something National Geographic like to happen. Good luck!

Another tractor for Hugo to admire away from home.

Chilies - we aren't sure if these belong to the grove or Salvador or Trent's tummy...

The front porch.

Passion fruit grows up a property dividing fence near the garage. This is another trouble spot for Miss Emry. She loves to pick passion fruit. She also likes to tell us how delicious they are. She also like to hand out advice on how to enjoy them, "All you do is cut the top off and then suck out the juice!"

Hope you enjoyed the house tour!


Audra said...

Awesome!! Thanks for the tour. I was thinking, "Are you kidding me? This is where they live?!" It looks like a different country to me, so different from WI. I LOVE all the fruit and flowers. Looks like paradise! I hope we get to visit someday. :)

Millie Price said...

Hey, thanks for posting a tour of my house...can I just refer everyone here or do I still have to post one of my own???

Alissa Nicolau said...

Maybe you could figure out a way of slurping the post to your own blog - for your own records Millie!