Thursday, October 9, 2008

Surprise Road Trip

Hugo & I made a trip up the highway to see my Dad in Palmyra, NY. He has a part in a guided tour of Church History sites beginning here in New York. He phoned us up Saturday night saying that he had some unexpected free time and wondered if we would be interested in driving up so he could see his Grandson.

We spent time walking Cumorah.

A found feather provided much entertainment and tons of tickles!

While Hugo and I drove in the car I repeatedly told him that we would be seeing his Grandpa. We haven't seen Grandpa since January so I wanted to prepare Hugo the best I could. I also wanted him to practice saying - Grandpa.
Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa, Grandpa.

As I was checking in at the front desk Dad came up behind me and gave me a big hug. I was holding Hugo so he ended up being included in the big hug from Dad. He was surprised and quiet... for all of 2 seconds! He started into his normal stream of gibber gabbering. I told Hugo that this was his Grandpa! Hugo looked Dad in the eye and said, "Hi Popeye!"

We have been watching Popeye cartoons lately. I just don't see how my Dad looks anything like Popeye. And grandpa - Popeye... they don't sound so similar. So where did Popeye come from? One of my nephews years ago called my Mom QuaQua for awhile. She wasn't so pleased. She doesn't like to be reminded of that time either! Cesar likes QuaQua and thinks we should tell Hugo that is her name. Mom has threatened to take us out of the will.

Well, that was that. Grandpa was Popeye for the rest of our short visit.


I love this picture of Dad jumping out of reach of the tickle feather!

Statue of The Angel Moroni on top of the Palmyra Temple.

The Sacred Grove

I think Hugo was surprised to see my interest in his Popeye.

Some Hugo Love happening my way.

The End.


Millie Price said...

I'm so glad you got to see Dad! We haven't seen him since we moved to the west coast. I didn't know if Emry would remember him, so I quizzed her and am happy to report that she knew just who he was. It looks like Hugo had a great time with his Popye!!

KristyKay said...

I'm so very glad that you were able to meet up with Dad. He really enjoyed himself and I think it did him good to reconnect with a grandchild. I also think the pictures showed that you had a good day (weather wise). The grove looks so inviting...wishing I was there. Thanks for coming to see Dad.

MAGGIE MAY said...

Ah! That was so sweet! So glad you took a lot of fotos. I noticed the one of Hugo warily looking at you loving Dad up. He's not used to sharing you... What is he going to feel when he has a sibling?? :)

amy said...

I really enjoy your photos always. If you go to the shadow shot sunday link you can participate and I think you should. I get lost in your photos. I think that a lot of blogs lack pictures that tell a story like yours does.

That is so adorable that Hugo calls your dad Popeye. It's funny because I was trying to convince my boyfriend to be Popeye for Halloween. He kind of looks like Popeye. I was going to be Olive Oyl, but I changed my mind. Now he has to find a new costume idea. Poor guy.
I also wanted to name one of my dogs Popeye, but my mom changed it to Dooley. I still like Popeye better. I love Dooley no matter what name he has.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Maggie - I'll worry about the sibling rivalry issue when that time arrives. I think it's interesting that you brought it up. My girlfriend Shaka just had a dream that I was 3-4 months along and surprised her with my secret pregnancie.

Amy - Thank you for liking my long list of photos. I've been feeling funny about them because not many others post as many as I do. My long term goal for the blog is to print it out through Blurb in a book form once a year or so. My online scrapbook. So lots of photos, a few photos or one pic they're all for me. It does make me happy, happy that you like them too!

Are you going to leave your costume idea a surprise for your party? I hope you'll post lots of pics that night!

Audra said...

Sweet pictures, Ali. (My Dad lives 3 miles from me, and wouldn't call me up to request a visit!) Glad Hugo got some quality time with his Popeye.

Lizzie Bingham said...

I kid you not... these pictures made me tear up. Miss that ol' man.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

Harry just walked in and saw your blog and said, "Hey! That's Grandpa May!" He remembers him! And now he needs to meet up with Hugo! I think Hugo and Owen and Harry would all hit it off! The Sacred Grove has got to be a wonderful place to have a little reunion with your loved ones. Nice pictures!