Monday, October 20, 2008

Potty Time Part... 3?

*Read at your own Potty Training means yucky stuff is in store risk!

Potty training is messy. Hugo has tinkled in the toilet twice this morning. He is sick of sitting on the toilet every 20 minutes. He could care less that he will get a jelly bean reward. He does want the beans. He just doesn't want to sit on the toilet to get the bean. He is rebelling and yelling at me. I decided to show him a glimpse of what the prize filled pillowcase holds. He thought it was a fun game as I opened up the top of the pillow for him to peek inside. Once his little hand started reaching for the goods I clamped the opening shut. He laughed and laughed and the pillowcase top was opened and shut in our little game many, many times. When I declared the game to be over he threw a monster fit on the floor. He wanted the cars. At this very minute he is telling me, "Mommy, I want toooooys." I am ignoring him. I am especially ignoring him because he, 15 minutes ago or so, just filled the entire leg of his pajamas with you know what. A giant clump of the stuff rolled down said leg and settled beside his foot. He was playing in his room, I was gathering up the laundry. I heard, "Momma, poopies!" I had hoped he meant hurry and help me Momma. But no. The deed was done. Potty training is messy.


Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I'm sorry Ali.

Lora said...

check out our friend sam's blog, and have a better day!

KristyKay said...

There must be a better way!!

Lizzie Bingham said...

I never know if I should respond when you ask a question on my blog or yours so here you go: no, the trays do not come with the Beaba. They are regular ice cube trays from Wal-Mart. Cheap. Each ice cube is little more than a tablespoon. There are fancier trays in kid catalogs but I just store the ice cubes in a freezer bag and pull out a cube as I need it.

Alissa Nicolau said...

Lora - Oh my. Thank you for letting me know about Sam's painting update! I swear I just looked her up yesterday and didn't see it!

Elizabeth - I'm glad you are enjoying your steamer. I asked about the trays because they looked so fancy and angled like!

P.S. All - Tomorrow is another day in our potty training land of hopefulness.

sam said...

SO SO glad you like it :)
And, of course, you can post it. Afterall, he is your little Sir.

K May said...

We are potty training here as well. No fun!! Feel like I have to stay close to home and am doing A LOT of laundry!

lainakay said...

Sorry Alissa. Potty training is not fun.

If it makes you feel any better, I didn't potty train The Boy until he was four. He just wasn't ready and neither was I. The benefit to that was that once he got it... he got it. Very few accidents, I'm all about that!

Good luck!