Monday, October 13, 2008

Potty Time - Fo Real!

We drank a whole lot of apple juice and chocolate milk today.

Can anyone guess why???


All day long. Well, except for nap time.
Momma was a chicken.

We ate snacks like these.

We used this to help remind us all of Potty Time.

I was downstairs this afternoon and I heard the timer buzz upstairs. I left it next to Hugo while he watched a movie. I was a little worried about how engrossed he might be with the movie. Would he hear the timer? Would I hear the timer downstairs? We both heard the timer ding a ling ling! Before I had a chance to say anything, Hugo hopped off his chair and did his Rhino stomp to the stair railing and yelled out, "Momma, potty!"

So why would little Hugo be so interested in being sure that I knew that the timer had buzzed?

Colorful and tasty Jelly Belly beans!

He gets a bean each time he tinkles.
He wanted a bean even when he didn't tinkle. I gave in.
The beans are pretty small and he only gets one - every 20 minutes!

Hugo does like to use the big potty. We just haven't been diligent.

My sister Millie told me this morning, when I phoned her up for moral support, that the Mom has to potty train herself first. Diapers are just too easy.
I have fallen into the trap.
But no more!

These are some of his favorite animals and these are hiding on the top shelf amongst the bath towels. Hugo will get one when he you know whats in the toilet.

Today he "filled" his new Buzz Lightyear undies.
He doesn't know who Buzz Lightyear is yet.
I wonder if it might have been a problem if he had?

Poppa had a little free time and made a pit stop in Toy-R-Us.
He picked up some cars which Hugo l-o-v-e-s!
These are also you know what prizes.

Have I mentioned here before that Hugo asks to watch Cars all the time? I do play it for him but... The problem you see, for me, is that he'll only watch 10-15 minutes of it and then he'll want to watch something else. He doesn't do this with any of his other movies. Just Cars. Movie time is when I can get something done or simply have some free time for myself. Sometimes, I think about hiding his movie Cars away somewhere.

This here truck is for something big. Cesar said I can give it to Hugo anytime.
I think this is a reward for like, a week without poopy undies!
The truck bed opens up to reveal a spa for McQueen.
I think Hugo will flip for it.

Red was in the present pile last night.
This morning, I found Hugo playing with it.
I questioned Cesar.
He simply couldn't resist.

So we have our fingers, toes, knees and ankles all crossed in hopes of a smooth,
and clean!, undies wearin first week!

Wish us all luck please!


KristyKay said...

Good Luck! Your life will now be lived in twenty minute intervals you realize!!

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

It sounds like Hugo is doing really well. Owen just saw your blog and is begging for the toys in the pictures. He loves CARS too!!!

lainakay said...

Oh good luck, good luck! Jelly Belly's what a good idea. I'll have to remember that for my next one!

Millie Price said...

due, what is up with the last pic??? i'm totally clueless here.

i am also laughing pretty hard b/c 1. i knew you would totally cave
and 2. the first few times my kids filled their cool new undies i cleaned them out....then i thought to myself, "This is just sick, above and beyond the call of duty, not what I signed up for" so I started throwing them out. Mom calls me a waster, but I like to think of it as money invested in the future success of my children!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Millie -

How did you know that I would cave? And I didn't really cave. Not really. It was necessity! Sorry about that last pic. Those are skeleton ankles crossed above a pumpkin in our hallway. There wasn't much light. Oh, I didn't throw out his undies after they were filled. Nope. Just dumped them and set them to soak before going into the washer. You big undie waster you!