Monday, October 6, 2008

Family Sunday

This was our General Conference morning breakfast.
Please look here for the recipe.

We went to the Hurds Family Farm for an apple pickin good time!

Hugo fell asleep during our drive south to the orchard.
Here he is with his beautiful pink sleep cheeks and bright eyes.

My silly boys.

Notice the safety pin holding Hugo's pants up?

We had perfectly blue skies with my favorite white puffy clouds all afternoon.

We rode on two hayrides.

Hugo couldn't wait to sit next to these kids.

After a bit tho, he climbed up on Poppa's lap.

Big boys & little boys alike fell in love with this slide.
A slide only a farmer would build.
Don't all big boys & little boys alike have a farmer inside?

Meltdown translation: He wasn't allowed to carve his own path through the corn.

Pick your own tomatoes, raspberries and apples.

View of The Gunks.

We waited and waited for our turn on the Cow Train!

And it was worth it!

These yummy fingerlings were part of our dinner tonight.
To find out more, go here and here.
Good Night!


KristyKay said...

What a beautiful day!
I so looked forward to orchard visits over the years. My friend Deb and I are going to "Klingers" this week to get our supply of pumpkins, apples, squash and potatoes. This year I'm not putting up any applesauce, but there are always pies and treats for the season.

I hope everyone has a wonderful autumn!!

Lora said...

oh my stars, alissa! that, whatever it is, that you started the post with looks AMAZING! i clicked the recipe button, but it wasn't there. was it as good as it looks?! holy cow!!

what a beautiful day spent on the farm. oh, i love the fall. so glad you are enjoying it out east!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Lora - Thank you for letting me know that my link needed some fixing, I got a little carried away with an "s". All is well and working now so go there! To the recipe. Make them up and have no fear, you've joined a gym! You may eat as many of these Sticky Buns as you like! They really are that tasty!

The Hun said...

I found my phone. Please reactivate. 1 pm call time. Love, the Hun.

Lora said...

thank you for fixing the link! i just copied and printed it out. those will be made and devoured in the VERY near future. you're right i can do another cycling class this week at the gym...i have a feeling they will be very "worth it". have a great week!

p.s. i like the song i'm listening to on your page as i type this.