Friday, January 20, 2012

Today Is Friday

So my time has disappeared a little something like this...

Last Saturday:  I walked down the steps to the first floor with a tray full of sandwiches for lunch and discovered it was freezing.  "Cesar it feels really cold down here" I complained.  "Come to think of it, I haven't heard the furnace turn on in a while."  He ran down to the basement and sure enough, the furnace was out and could not be lit.  Cesar called our plumber at 12:30 pm, the guy didn't show until 6:30 pm.  We were mad, mad cold people.  The plumber got the furnace going but said he needed to return Sunday at noon to finish cleaning the furnace.

Sunday:  My new dining room floor was threatened by an axe.

Upon returning home from church, there was no plumber in our basement and there was no heat from the furnace.  Another hour or so later I realized that the plumber had left a message on my phone saying that he wasn't coming.  He said he had 5 other calls to get to and we needed to rescheduled for later in the week.  Cesar was hopping mad.  I was hopping cold.  Cesar called our contractor for his plumbers number.  The new plumber arrived and got the furnace back up and running.

Monday:  Cesar went to work on the Good Wife.  Mike the Contractor arrived with Steve and they began to install the floor molding.  Jin, Amy and Hannah came over for a late breakfast due to the kids having Martin Luther King holiday at school.  All was good and fun and happy and relaxed and warm.  The kids went down for bed easy and I slipped into a flannel nightgown and was about to make some cocoa when Cesar called.  He had just crashed the truck on the George Washington bridge.  Crashed the truck.  But he was fine.  What?  I was kinda in shock.   At first we thought I would need to drive down to pick him up so I called around to find someone to watch the kids.  Brother Harris came over and gave me a blessing and a few minutes later... Cesar called and said that our insurance would pay for a tow home.  Yay!!  I had not been looking forward to driving in the storm.  Cesar finally made it home at 2 am.

Tuesday:  Cesar was on the phone and computer all day.  The contractors were back working away at finishing the trim and cleaning up a closet.  I don't know if I remember anything else about our Tuesday.

We opened a contract with a new home heating service.  They sent a guy over to do his own tune up of our poor furnace.

Wednesday:  No contractors.  No word on the truck if it will be totaled or not.  No fruit left in the house, no time to got shopping.  I cleaned and cleaned and washed laundry all day long.  Had to rid the house of all the sawdust so that the girls and I can breathe.  Started to realize I hadn't showered in a while and that I was still wearing my flannel nightgown.

Thursday:  As I prepared Hugo's lunch with the kitchen swarming with children and a hungry puppy, Cesar asked if I knew what day it was.  Now he didn't ask the date, that for sure I didn't know, but I normally can tell you which day of the week it is, but not this day.  I answered, "I think it's Wednesday because I was hoping we could take the girls to playgroup, but it might be Thursday.  But I think it's Wednesday."  Cesar, "Do you think it's Friday?"  Me, "I know it's not Friday, I think it's Wednesday or Thursday.  Don't you have your phone in your pocket??!"  Turned out, it was Thursday.

Cesar and I drove around catching up on errands.  I forgot about my Visiting Teacher coming over at 10:30.  Last on our list was for me to drop Cesar off at Enterprise so he could pick up his rental car.  Check.  Driving home Marlo fell asleep in her car seat.  I had high hopes of a nap myself once the van was unloaded.  I was warm and hopeful that life was ironing itself back out.  Then Sabine barfed down the front of herself and the car seat straps.

Our oil tanks were filled back up by the new heating service company.

Hugo came home from school with a note from his teacher and the school nurse stating that someone in his class had been exposed to pink eye.  Me, "Hugo, this note says that someone in your class might have pink eye."  Hugo, "Yeah, Mrs. Monroe thinks it's me!"  What????

I called my Visiting Teacher mid afternoon to apologize for standing her up.  She called me back at dinner time to remind me that this is my families week to clean the chapel.

Friday:  My phone rang at 6:12 am, it was a recording from Hugo's elementary saying that there was a two hour delay this morning.  I tried my best to sleep in.  Then I made waffels for the family with my new iron that my Mother-In-Law gave me for Christmas.  Things have to get better.  Or at least slow down!  Pretty please....

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Heather and Eric said...

I'm a h.s friend of Taylor, Millie, & Liz, so I've always known of the older New York sister. I've been following your blog with amazement of the life of a mother with 3 kids, including twins. I loved this post! I'm pregnant with our first, so I love reading glimpses of our future. Keep up the great posts & photos!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hello Heather,
Your comment was a pleasant surprise! So glad you liked the post.

Good luck with your pregnancy and the coming birth of your child. Make the most of these last days as a couple all alone together. Go out! Do fun things together. Get your hair done! Gretchen cut and colored mine while I was home during Christmas! Your life will be happily upside down and never, ever the same again once your babe is born.

Murdoch said...

I'd love to see pictures of the progress on the house! I'm hoping to come back to NY and see all the work you've done! You're kids are beautiful and growing so big!

Alissa Nicolau said...

Hi Megan! Just saw your comment and you're in luck! When are you coming for a visit??