Friday, January 27, 2012

Bingo Night & Sledding

Hugo has a Bingo night at school tonight.  Cesar volunteered to stay home with the girls so that I can spend some alone time with our boy.  Over breakfast this morning I was talking to Hugo about our playing Bingo together tonight.  He didn't sound very excited about it so I began to mention names of his friends who I thought we might see.  The conversation went a little something like this...

Me:  I bet we'll see Emma and her Dad tonight. 
Hugo:  Umm, okay.

Me:  I bet we'll see Rowan and his brother and Mom tonight.
Hugo:  Good.

Me:  I bet John Carlo will be there.
Hugo:  Oh, I like him!
Me:  Really?
Hugo: .... no response ....

Me: I bet we'll see Sarah.
Hugo:  I don't like her!
Me:  That's not nice to say.  Why don't you like her?
Hugo:  Well, she always blames me for things I didn't do.
Me:  Like what? 
Hugo:  Well, when I swing my arms back and forth, like this... , she says that I hit her on purpose.
Me:  I think you should try real hard to not swing your arms around when you are near Sarah.

Hugo:  I like Phaedra.
Me:  Really?  You like her?
Hugo:  It could be love.
Me:  Love, huh?!
Hugo:  But it's not.
Me:  Why not?
Hugo:  Because I'm going to get married!  Remember???!

He didn't mention Nicole's name, just that he was getting married.  It warms my heart to know that his love runs deep and his heart is constant.  I hope he will grow up to be a man who is always kind and tender and loving toward his wife.  Hugo loves his sisters and is a good big brother to them.  For the most part he shares his toys and will watch their princess movies right along with them.  He is anxious to hug and kiss them.  Now, to just promote this family closeness all the way through the teenage years! 

*If you scroll down through the photos, you'll see a series of three where Sabine had been on the tube all by herself.  She wasn't too sure about sledding at all, and then... Hugo pretty much did her in by stepping in front of her flying tube.  The choice of her big brother's action, caused a crash, and tossed her into the snow.  She was not happy.  I'm not sure if she'll sled again this winter, even if we actually do get more snow.  So, in case you were wondering if I was trying to say that Hugo was the perfect big brother... What I really meant is that he is a perfectly normal big brother who happens to have a soft heart!  I love you Hugo!



Piques said...

Oh, yes. Ari has been engaged. Now she has a new boyfriend. Well, he calls her HIS girlfriend, but she is has not decided if she wants him to be HER boyfriend. But still she accepts that is Alex's world, she is labeled girlfriend.

Gina was kissed by a boy ... she seemed to like that but is entirely unclear as to what it all means.

Alissa Nicolau said...

As far as I know, no kissing has been happening. The main deal with Hugo and Nicole's engagement is that it is a long distance relationship that for Hugo has lasted over a year and counting.

Alissa Nicolau said...
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Audra said...

Oh how we missed sledding! We only got to go ONE time this weird winter. We've only had snow like 3 times. I love the second picture when Toula is hauling down the hill chasing the tube. So funny!