Saturday, January 21, 2012

Nap Time

I used to pride myself on my ability to have trained Hugo to be an excellent sleeper and taker of huge and consistent afternoon naps.  Pride was my downfall, or was it having twins, hmmm?  Anyway, the girls are not sleeping through the night.  One, or both of them, will wake and walk into my room and stand there and stare at me till I open my eyes.  Every once in a while I find both of them out for a stroll.  It's not hard to settle them back in their beds.  All they seem to want is their shoosha and to be tucked back in.  But it can happen two, three, four times a night!  Then when I'm ready to duct tape the pair of them to their beds, they'll magically sleep through the night.  I am tired. 

The above picture was taken during nap time.  I crawled into my own bed once they settled for some much needed shut eye.  About an hour into our naps, Hugo and Toula had a wrestling match on the living room floor below us, and with no carpet or furniture in the room, it has become a giant hall of echos.  Naturally the girls came running and crying into my room.  I was so tired that I lifted the covers and they both climbed in and two seconds later... they were both passed out again!  It was a miracle.  A miracle with a problem, I wasn't sleepy any longer and my arm was stuck under two sleepy two year olds.  Masterfully, and slowly, I made my escape.  And it worked!  But I'm still sleepy and they are still waking in the night.  Not good.

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~M said...

Real, beautiful childhood i can see on your photos.