Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pirate Hugo the Tickler

I love these pictures of Pirate Hugo!  This past Friday night we went to a birthday party, at a spot in the mall, which was filled to the brim with jump houses.  The kids went wild.  Hugo's favorite was a structure with a climbing ladder on one end and giant slides on the other.  The girls played and tried out each and every house.  I knew they would enjoy themselves, but they had a blast!  Hugo had so much fun jumping, climbing and sliding that he wouldn't stop to eat.  He barely made it to sing Happy Birthday to Allen and he didn't have any cake.   He climbed and slid.

Hugo walked away from Allen's birthday party with a balloon and a cup full of goodies at the end of the night, which thrilled him to pieces.  Hugo discovered a foam glider in a flat package inside his cup.  Put it together the second his coat was off in the house and tossed it about to fly through the air over and over till bed time.  By mid-morning today, it had been destroyed by the duo named Marlo & Toula.  They happily tore it to pieces together.  Hugo had a melt down.  Back to the cup we looked for some happy inspiration.

Hugo pulled out an eye patch and a fuzzy, stickable mustache.  As I tied the elastic string onto the eye patch Hugo ran from the kitchen.  Soon he reappeared wearing his pirate hat.  The costume that matches no longer fits him, but... I remembered that Auntie Millie and Lucas had included an outgrown pirate costume for Hugo in a box they sent just before departing to Spain.  I reminded Hugo where it was in his room and off again he ran.  So, we put his eye patch on and attached the mustache beneath his nose, he tugged his hat upon his head as I helped him into Luke's old costume.  Hugo was soooo happy!  I declared it was picture time and that he needed some pirate loot, together we hurried upstairs laughing all the way.  I took these pics and then out the door he ran to make the dump run with Papa all dolled up as a pirate.