Friday, November 28, 2008


I like brussels sprouts.

I am grateful this Thanksgiving holiday for a full pantry.

We received some yummy gifts from an actor on Cesar's show.

I am grateful for the blessings of friendship in our lives. It makes me happy to watch Cesar interact with his friends. They call and he laughs. He uses a voice and phrases reserved only for these men. Hugo and his friends crack me up as they play. One minute they love each other and hug and kiss and chase each other around. Then in a blink of an eye, someone will be crying their eyes out, kicking and screaming on the floor!

I am grateful for the friendships I have with my sisters. I am grateful for my friends who live far and are a part of the memories of my youth. I am grateful for friends nearby who bless me and my family with their kindness, their love, service and their ears! I am also grateful for the new connections forming here through blogging. This is a big, unexpected surprise to me.

I baked banana bread and pumpkin pie the night before. I left the pie on the counter to cool.

As I prepared breakfast for us, Hugo stuck his finger in the pumpkin pie.

He said, "UmmMMmmm, Yummy!!"
I moved the pie to the fridge.

I am very grateful to have Hugo in my life. He is a source of daily joy.

The small spread for our little family.

Family. I am so happy that I can type the word family here. For so many years we didn't have Hugo in our lives and I felt funny calling the two of us, Cesar and I, a family. I mean, I knew that we were, but... I came from a family of seven children, that is a family. I am grateful that Cesar is my husband. I know he loves me and that he is crazy about our little boy. I am so very grateful that we have these wonderful, lazy, holiday days together to relax and fill our bellies and laugh and walk about outside and simply be with one another.

Happy Thanksgiving!


MAGGIE MAY said...

And I'm grateful for your sweet, heartfelt post. You all look very happy.

KristyKay said...

You two look so very good, and happy roo. Best wishes for a good Thanksgiving...and I'm grateful to know that you are both in my family and that I can love you both equally. Hugo has his own special place in my heart!

Hey Harriet said...

Ewwww! You like brussels sprouts? Eeeeek! ;D

What a lovely Thanksgiving Day you & your little family celebrated. We don't have Thanksgiving day over here, but I'm thankful to you for sharing yours :)

Millie Price said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!