Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

Our Black Friday purchase was a fresh cut Christmas tree. We have plans to be out of town for the holidays this year and want to enjoy our tree while we can. Today was the day. We traveled over the mighty Hudson River to a lovely tree farm for the afternoon.

Hugo snoozed as we made our river crossing.

Arriving at the farm found our tummies rumbling and our Hugo still snoozing. We ate lunch inside the truck while watching families carefully choose trees and children play games of football between lanes of parked cars. It was surprising to find so many other families choosing their trees today. It was also surprising to see so many grills being fired up. Cesar said that next year - we are grilling. I think our grill is kinda large to haul across the river. He doesn't agree.

Cesar chuckled at all the folks who rented their saws.

Hugo is still crazy for his beanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Can you see the beanut butter on his cheeks? I sure can. I can almost smell it too!

Cesar had a little trouble starting up his chain saw. Plus I was having a little trouble deciding on a tree. I fell for a short, squat blue spruce which is a very different choice for me. I was nervous all my ornaments wouldn't fit so Hugo and I left Cesar with his chain saw troubles for a minute.

Momentarily distracted by this beautiful stone wall, I placed Hugo on top and stepped back for a pic. Hugo didn't want to sit on the wall. Wanting to distract a grumpy Hugo, I made a big production of waving my arms and sucking in my breath to tell him that I thought Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer might be in the red barn below. Hugo was *very* excited. We have been practicing his song you see. Rudolph's song or Ruoouoouooalf as Hugo calls him.

Then I told Hugo that Santa might also be in the red barn.
He wasn't so sure about this Santa character.

About the time Cesar got the chain saw started up, Hugo and I spotted a new tree.

Here is Cesar giving me instructions on how I'm supposed to grab hold of the top of the tree and pull it slightly toward me as he cuts the trunk. I did as I was told and he cut as he said he would and boy did I get a surprise! Our beautiful Christmas tree had actual needles for needles! If he hadn't cut the trunk before/as I touched those needles I would have chosen a different tree because the needles are unbelievably sharp! I've never met a tree like this before.

Normally we would haul the tree together. Cesar carries the trunk and I grab hold near the top and down we walk together to the truck. Not this year. Cesar was kind and dragged the prickly beast to the truck all on his own.

Here Hugo and I were running to keep up with Papa. Well, Hugo was running and I was slip sliding down the path. I had worn my green garden clogs which have zero traction, to clear all the puddles and muck. If I had been holding onto that tree while Cesar hauled it on down the hillside I would have spent half the trip on my keester! So Cesar hauled, Hugo ran and I sorta skiied my way down the hill.

This is the Hudson once more.

These are our mountains.

A happy Hugo and a peek at our Christmas tree out the back window.

The End.


KristyKay said...

Lovely day! That looks like a beautiful tree. Hugo will have a fun season this year with everything so new to him.

Elizabeth said...

What a lovely family outing!
Much better than going to Macy's.
Hugo is a charmer.

MAGGIE MAY said...

I agree with the outing part. Charming. Cesar looks so manly with his chainsaw--have to calm myself down! :)

That wall is from the colonial era. The farmers used to have to constantly clear the fields of stone. They placed all the stone at the edges to use as material to build a fence. And hundreds of years later those stone fences are all in the eastern Mississippi area. Cool.

Hey Harriet said...

That's quite an adventure! Much more fun than looking for a 'tree in a box' from a busy shopping centre. I fondly remember my dad driving my brother & I around for hours when we were kids, hunting for the perfect Christmas tree to chop down & take home. My fussy-pants dad was very particular & the hours stretched into a whole day searching! Fun times! Looking forward to seeing your cool tree all decorated :)

Millie Price said...

sounds like a fun time, i'm totally jealous that you've got a real tree. i bet your house smells great tonight!

Millie Price said...

oh i forgot...what is up with men and their love affairs with grilling?? I had to laugh b/c Trent would do the same thing...nutzos!

Audra said...

Yay! Loved your post of the family outing to get your tree! This year was a first for us- the kids and I went to the tree farm and got a tree ourselves (also on Black Friday). A nice young man helped us get it all loaded up! Poor Daddy was stuck at the farm. Gotta love that fresh tree smell. :)