Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Photos From Our Yard

This is Cesar's beloved, ancient, problematic, dangerous, workhorse of a lawnmower. He bought it years ago while we were visiting my parents in Wisconsin. My Dad took him to a farm auction and Cesar was hooked. Loves auctions of any kind now. He has purchased additional Allis-Chambers through eBay and other sources to serve as spare parts for his favorite machine. Cesar mows, something breaks, he mows, something breaks, he tinkers, he mows, the beast dies, he'll weld, and he mows again. Cesar really, really wants to buy a snow blower attachment for his mower. The problem with this type of purchase is that he wants me to do the snow blowin with this
workhorse of a lawnmower!


This is the limb which fell from our elm tree during our last storm.
It will keep us nice and toasty for a few days.

This was the sky above our heads just after dinner this night.

Our trees still have leaves, even some green ones!

This is the Epher truck. Purchased years ago from my brother Ephraim. Another relic which we hauled together across many state lines to die in our yard. Cesar's project for one future day. Maybe Hugo will tinker on this truck sometime during his future. I love the Epher truck. I really do.

The End.


Hey Harriet said...

I have to say that you have a way more interesting yard than I do! Your trees look gorgeous with the multi-coloured leaves. Epecially in the background of that cool looking truck

KristyKay said...

Everyone loves the Epher truck! Everybody loves Cesar's crazy need for rust, too!

Lora said...

awesome shots! they make me want to be there in person.

oh, saw your comment about michelle's dress. NOT okay. horrible cut on her figure. somebody will help her out, i'm sure.

M.Kate said...

Beautiful yard, and obviously you have a big one. Living in the town, most people have not much space unfortunately.