Thursday, November 20, 2008

Hugo's Jobs

Hugo has surprised me with random gifts of a made bed without any prompting from me. Yes. You read that correctly. Our son Hugo has been making his own bed. How awesome is that?! No tucking of sheets or fluffing of his pillows has taken place. He simply pulls his down comforter up and over his sleep flattened pillow. Sometimes he even smooths out his crib quilt on top of the comforter. He is copying me. Hugo made his bed.

This bed making got me thinking. Hmmmmm. What else can Mr Hugo do??? He puts his dirty clothes in the basket in our room. Check. He tosses his stinky diapers in the bathroom trash. Check. Now he has made his bed, so I suppose chores, toddler chores, are next. I got the idea for the design of the job chart from my sister Millie. She made something similar a year or so ago for her kids. She made them a checkout system for their toys with velcro and pockets and I wanted one. Very cool Millie. Anyway, I ran around one morning taking pictures of Hugo's things and what I know he is capable of doing. Good basics in his future home keeping skills here we come.

Big trucks get tucked under his bed.

Train tracks are stacked in their drawer.

Dirty clothes basket.

Brush teeth.

Books on their shelves and puzzle cars in their place.

Bowling penguins, cars and animals asleep in their drawers.

Where are the astronauts Hugo?

Does the frog thingy have all his eyes?

Hugo's bed.

Hugo likes to hold his new laminated job chart in one hand and points to the words with his other hand and says - Hugo's Jobs. This afternoon I asked him his name and he pointed to his chest and said - Hugo's Jobs. We have chores of all sorts ahead of us.


MAGGIE MAY said...

I would love to see him doing all this! I think it's funny you're always amazed he's paying such close attention to you... Hello, you're the Mama Goose!

Millie Price said...

good work!!! i bet he'll love the chart so much. i'm glad you made him one!

Shaka said...

way to go! start him now while it's "fun"!

lainakay said...


Have fun at the movie tonight! Wish I were able to join you guys! Ennnnjoy!

Lizzie Bingham said...

Oooo, fun ideas. I have a weekly menu board only the erasable marker doesn't work so swell on it. So, I'm taking pictures of dinner as I make different items and turning the pictures into magnetic cards so the kiddies (down the road, mind you) can plan the meal by picking out of the pictures what looks good. I'm proud of myself... I only have to wait a few years to use it. :o)

KristyKay said...

Anything you can initiate to stay one step ahead of the game is fantastic! It's high time Mr. Hugo set about all this stuff. Perhaps he'll get the big idea to "ditch the
diapers" along with it!!

Audra said...

That's a cute "chore sign", a lot better than my parents ever made us! I'd like to do something like that for my kids.