Saturday, November 19, 2011

Not Like Fall

Fall is really here.  I think I've been in denial that winter is fast approaching.  The weather has been unseasonably warm.  I also feel that we never got the real punch of brilliant fall color due to Hurricane Irene.  There is a massive pile of wood right out the back door.  And I have been buzzing like a bee about the house trying to finish painting projects while I can yet air out the house.  I still haven't taken down the garden.  Or emptied out my pots.  Cesar has run the mower to scoop up all the leaves and pine needles, so happy he splurged for the bagger!!!  And Hugo has been making all sorts of pilgrimish projects in school and I have been dreaming of my first bite of pumpkin pie, but it still, still doesn't seem like fall to me.
I can report that Toula seems to be jelling with our family and the yard and our house.  I can also report that she doesn't answer to her name very well and she doesn't respond to the command "come" little to none.  She is still very much in the exploring stage inside and out of the house.  When we aren't playing with her, she is either in her crate or chained to a chair in the living room.  She is not trustworthy to be let loose yet.  Besides not being fully potty trained, she has a problem with chewing.  We are working on teaching her which toys are hers and which belong to the children.  She also likes to nibble on our toes.  None of the kids seem to like it much.  Me neither, really.  When she takes food from your hand, she reminds me a bit of a horse.  She seems to grab the food with her lips, rather than her teeth and muffles the skin of your palm.  She also likes to bonk her nose straight into our face if we are up close.  Wallace, the Bob-A-Loo, used to show affection the same way, so in doing so, she has melted her way into Cesar's heart.  Evie the Cat still will not enter our bedroom.  She has taken up residence at the foot of Hugo's bed.

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