Friday, November 11, 2011

For Megan

I think that each and every time we make improvements to the house, I will always think of Megan Murdoch.  When Megan lived here, I felt she loved our house nearly as much as we do.  She was always so excited to hear about our plans, hopes, and big dreams for the place. 

We first met with a man, who we hoped to be our new contractor, way back at the end of May.  He had thought that he'd remove the wall in our living room sometime end of August, then Hurricane/Storm Irene hit.  It took a while to catch Mike on the phone after the storm.  He wasn't sure when he'd be able to do our job, being that he was bogged down with big, big outdoor projects.  Important projects, like peoples roofs.  I understood and told him that we still felt he was the man for the job in our eyes and that we'd wait.  I've waited these many, many years, I could continue to be patient a wee bit longer.

The other day, I called Mike and got a big surprise.  He might be able to work on our house before Christmas!  That's a Christmas present in itself!  He asked me to call him back the week after Thanksgiving and hopefully he'd be able to pin down a date at that time.  Wow.  All I could think about as I quickly dialed up Cesar's number, is that we might have living room walls for Christmas!

I've been spending my evenings looking through magazines and ideas online to flush out rough plans.  I was inspired about an article I read on color and made a trip to the hardware store.  I've been painting and sewing curtains and hanging pictures and... dreaming.

This ones for you Megan.

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