Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hugo The Movie

On Saturday we decided to see the movie Hugo.  First we took the kids, and Toula, to the park to tire them out.  We were taking the girls with us to the movie, so they needed to play, play, play so that when they ate popcorn and the lights went dim in the theater...  little girlies would fall fast asleep.
So we played, and we ate popcorn, and we ate Maria cookies and drank soda, but there was no sleeping.  Miss Sabine would not settle.  Little Miss Sabine was a giant pill.  We were kicked out of the movie!  I was kinda sorta mortified.  The up side of being kicked out of a movie due to noisy babies, is that your money will be refunded.  We saw about 1/3 of the movie Hugo.  I wonder how it ended?

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Millie Price said...

oh man...i'm totally laughing!!! i'm telling everyone my sister and her kids got kicked out of a movie! too funny!!!

we also saw the movie. luke read the book last year. it was awesome! fabulous! you'll have to rent it!