Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pool Time

Last night during our walk with Ms Sheri we discovered that the kiddie pool had water in it finally. What a fantastic discovery! Kenny's mom wanted to come over for a day of potty training today but, I had other ideas. . . "Leave the potty training till our next rainy, dismal day." I said. "Let's phone up Jin and the girls and have us some pool fun!" The coolers were packed and sunscreen, swim diapers (no swim diapers for us this year!!) beach towels and pool toys dug out from the back recesses of the linen closet.

Within the fence surrounding the kiddie pool I spotted Hugo's favorite pool toy from last summer - the blue bucket, uh-oh. Remember how he spent a good half of each day underneath or inside the blue bucket? A woman who runs a small daycare brings the bucket which is loaded with all sorts of floating toys each day. She got my attention mid afternoon and wanted to chat about how tall Hugo had grown over the winter and how he hadn't climbed into or under the blue bucket once so far! I think he forgot all about his turtle days, but I haven't.

We had sunshine for most of the day with spots of giant passing clouds. When the clouds covered the sun it was a comfortable temp but, cool if you were in the water. Skinny boy Hugo had blue lips and shivered and shivered. He would jump into the water and play and splash and then climb out and want me to wrap him tightly in his towel for warmth. The cycle of jumping in and climbing out for warmth and food was repeated over and over. I was glad I had brought extra towels.

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