Thursday, July 9, 2009

Playdate Thursday

Our monsoon season held its breath long enough for us to enjoy a beautiful day at the park. Woo hoo! I am a person who likes rain but, boy oh boy, have we ever been experiencing rainy weather. Thoughts have been wandering through my mind of the possibility that we would never see the sun this summer, or experience any heat. Since I'm pregnant, the cool temps have been nice. On the other hand, I want to wear my cute maternity bathing suits! I've been all prepared for another summer at our kiddie pool but, I'm not sure if they are even opening this year. This morning calls were made and a trip to the park was planned while the sun shone.

We have missed this darling face! Amy and Hannah beat us to the park. Hugo could-not-wait for me to unbuckle him from his car seat so he could greet the girls! They ran up to us and hugged and helloed, it was very sweet.

Jan and Kenny soon arrived. We learned that their plans of traveling home to Korea have fallen through due to the swine flu scare. Sad for them, more friends for us!

The kids spied a Sheriff's speed boat pulling up to the dock. We all held hands and walked over to the cliff edge for a closer look. We waved and gawked and then ran back to the slides. Without our realizing it, the man who had been driving the boat followed close behind us. He produced a small bag from his pocket and began handing out Junior Deputy Sheriff's badges to the kids. Their grins stretched from ear to ear as one by one the mom's pinned on their new police badge.

Miss Amy and Hugo posed so sweetly together.

Who knew a sewer grate would offer up so much fun and occupy so very much of their attention? Tales were overheard of man eating crocodiles and sharks down in the hole. Have I mentioned the loveliness of my son's blossoming imagination? I love to listen in on his new make believe games and feed them with tales of bear hunts and other fun things while preparing for bedtime. Bear hunts before bedtime?? You might be thinking me mad but... My little boy believes we must be very, very quiet you see, so that the bear cannot hear us. We tip toe up the creaky stairs and talk only in hushed whispers with one another. We must change out of our stinky clothes and scrub our stinky teeth and empty our stinky bladders so that the bear cannot smell us. Last but not least, we must say our prayer and turn out the lights so that the bear cannot see us. It is a true simple pleasure and it works for my little boy.

The End


lainakay said...

Hey Alissa! Seriously, I was scared we'd never see the sun, too! Today's lovely and we've got an afternoon at the pool planned. FINALLY!

I accidentally erased your nice comment at my blog. I seem to mess up every time I try to reject a spam comment and accidentally reject all comments. I'll get it together one of these days!

Anyhoo, I'm loving your gigantic photos and would love to know how you do it! As for how I do the line-up of photos... I just use my photo editing program, crop away, copy and paste a line up of photos on a blank canvas. I think there may be an easier way to do it but I'm used to my way. Let me know if you want more detailed info!

Have a great day!

Maggie May said...

Haven't you been doing that bear routine since we were little...?? As always, Hugo & Co. are adorable. Like your stories too.

KristyKay said...

Great pictures of the kids. Summer sure has been strange. Not that I'm complaining of the coolness...we've only had the AC on three days all summer! The plants all seem to be just fine with it.