Thursday, July 16, 2009

Goggles, Floats and a Sunburn

We had a fabulous time at the pool with Things 1 - 4 yesterday! Beautiful sunny skies, yummy snacks and chats with a good friend is always a winning combination in my book. The downside of the day was that I got sunburned. My legs are stiff as boards at the moment. I did use sunscreen but you'd never guess that I had. I read online last night that pregnant women's skin is more susceptible to the rays of the sun. I'm here to testify that this is true. Hugo's back and arms were a little pink last night, today he's brown as a berry. After his bath, I rubbed him up good with lotion. He was sweet and wanted to put lotion on my pink shoulders and nose. Once Hugo was tucked in for the night, I drank lots of water and gorged myself on watermelon, or gorged on watermelon as much as my smooshed stomach would allow!

Hugo wanted these goggles real bad. He asked for them by name, que my surprise. He also wanted the snorkle - I put my foot down and said no way to the snorkle. Next year, there is always next year at the pool. I'm sharing a bunch of goggle wearing photos because they crack me up!

The big pool floats returned and huge waves were created! Hugo just peeked at the computer and told me he was splashing in these photos.

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lainakay said...

We, too, have been enjoying the pool-worthy weather this past week. Nothing like a sticky summer afternoon spent lolling in the cool water!

Even Pinky enjoys it... enough to have taken a couple sweet naps nestled on my shoulder partially submerged whilst I followed her amphibious sibs!

Enjoyed your cute photos! I've been very remiss in blogging as of late. Ah well... no computers in the pool... and I hope there never will be!

Sorry about your sunburned self. I am so familiar with that stiff-legged feeling. I found that the only time I could get a decent tan was while I was pregnant, so I guess the sun does affect gestating mamas a bit differently.

Here's to summer! Stay cool and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!