Friday, June 26, 2009

Squirt Gun Fun

We bought some squirt guns today and boy oh boy was Hugo in heaven! I bought a package with two big guns and another with six small squirt guns for when we have visitors. The cousins are returning soon! So, the two squirt guns are for Hugo and I to play with together in the yard. I didn't think about Poppa... and guess what??! He came home early today and wanted to join in on our fun. Oops. Or maybe, he simply wanted my gun because he was tired of being our target? Anyhoo, I handed my gun over to him and then whamo! Hugo was all over me so totally excited that he could finally reach me and squirt me and that was it, he chased me down! I ran around the car and he followed laughing and squirting away. I ran around his wagon and the car again in a figure eight pattern and guess what??! He was still following me and laughing his little head off and yes, still squirting away! I thought for sure he'd wipe out in the gravel but nope, didn't happen. And I must state here and now for the pregnant lady record, that as I ran, I needed to hold my jiggling belly with one arm and I was in flip flops which truly slowed me down to preschooler speed. Where was Cesar you might possibly be wondering? I'm really not sure. Laughing and watching I suppose. Hugo was completely stuck on the fun of dousing his mother that I actually had to run in the house to escape him. As I was closing the door he stuck in his little arm and the nearly empty squirt gun and continued to squirt away in my direction. I had to explain that the inside of our house is like Switzerland. I'm not sure he got it, but I was able to finally shut the door and dry off!