Thursday, June 25, 2009

15 Weeks Prego

Do you see that big ole', glorious bump of mine? Could ya miss it?! I am only 15 weeks and there it is. Big. I simply can't imagine how big it is going to end up. My mind can hardly concentrate on anything but the two little ones inside myself. I can feel them. They swim around like fan tailed goldfish sloshing and gliding against my interior. This past Monday night one of them was poking and stretching just below my belly button, or what used to be my belly button. I could feel the stretching body part on the outside with my fingers. It was weird and exciting and early! I called my sister Millie. It was nearly 11pm here but only 8 o'clock her time, I had to tell someone. She giggled with me and I promised to take a picture of the bump for her to see.

When I was pregnant with Hugo I referred to him as "the bump" or "the kid", my Grandma Marge thought the kid part was funny. Cesar and I knew we would call him Hugo early on but never called him that until he popped out. With my current developing tummy I've realized that I call them simply "the babies" or once in awhile "the twins". I have name possibilities taped up on the fridge. We pass by and read them, ponder, speak them out loud and then reach for the strawberries. So far, one option has been removed, another added. We like to run them past Hugo and listen as he tries to pronounce them. Hugo simply refers to the babies as his brother and sister. We don't know their sexes yet but I wonder if our little man might have some inside information from above.

15 weeks ago I had a fertility procedure preformed called an IUI. Shortly after returning home I was sitting on the couch and Hugo flung himself across the pillows to jump on me, a favorite pass time of his. I sat our Hugo on my lap and we had a talk about the possibility of a baby inside my tummy so there would be no more jumping on Momma. With the shake of his head he looked me in the eyes and said, "No, no Momma, two babies." He held up two of his fingers for added emphasis. Interesting I thought. I wondered if he might be right, if he might know something that we didn't. Hugo talked about the two babies in my tummy often. My Mom named him our little oracle. At my 5 week appointment Dr Chung told me that there was one sack and a second something that was most likely an expanded blood vessel. I was... disappointed and yet at the same time, very, very happy that all looked well and my Doc was pleased. Once outside the building, I called Cesar and reported that Hugo was wrong, we were having one lovable baby.

A week went by. All was quiet on the Hugo sibling prediction front. I wondered if he too had moved on. We were having one baby. We three, soon to be no more, we would be a family of four.

Then I saw Dr Chung for my week 6 appointment. Immediately apparent on the ultrasound screen were two sacks. I burst out laughing! Hugo was right! We were having twins and I couldn't stop smiling or laughing! My cheeks were positively frozen in place. I dialed up Cesar once outside and I was talking so fast I'm not sure he understood me at first. "Hugo was right!", I cried, "We are having twins!" This has been Cesar's wish all along.

p.s. Our little oracle likes to talk my ear off while I'm in the shower. Privacy please!? He sits upon the closed toilet seat and goes on and on about... you name it. He also likes to stare at my bulging stomach and reports how huuuuuuuge he thinks it is. Lovely. He also told me recently as I was toweling off that my bum was falling. Super duper lovely.


Lora said...

my prego friend was just lamenting yesterday that she looks 9 months at 5 months...i think that happens on the second go around. i can't wait to find out genders and names!!! do you keep it a surprise?! with no immediate plans on our horizon, we've already got names picked out!! some day there will be a solomon and an annabeth to blog about! (we hope)

Alissa Nicolau said...

Oh Lora, I love the sound of Solomon and Annabeth! I can picture the many photos and joy in your future. I will most likely reveal names or their possibilities, once we know the genders of the two. My grandma told me to put my order in for what I want so I hope he is listening up there!

Lora said...

Put in your order, for sure! Sounds like Hugo has a little inside information...i just love that. Thanks for keeping us updated! This is so fun!!

Millie Price said...

i'm so glad you decided to post these pics!!! i love it!