Friday, March 2, 2012

Photo Day

I didn't do much today but follow the girls around with my camera phone.  Or was it that they followed me around, and I so happened to have my camera phone at the ready?   The above pic was taken while Cesar was out driving Hugo to school.  I was dressing and the girls showed up pointing out my bum and my tummy and my knees and my toe nail polish saying, "What's dat?" as I dressed as fast as I possible could.  Goodness!  Sabine spied Evie on Papa's side of the bed and ran across the room from me.  Marlo followed quickly behind.  Normally, the girls are pretty gentle with Evie the Cat, but that was not the case today.  Today the girls each had a bit of the devil in them at the very same time, poor Evie.  So they scrambled up onto the bed, rushed the cat while bouncing and roaring and slapping her.  I didn't see it coming.  Evie the Cat vanished in half a second.  Look close below and you'll spy her speedy escape.

Mid morning we had snack time with milk, nectarines, strawberries and cheese sticks.  My feet were chilly so I left the girls at the kitchen counter with their half eaten snacks for the warmth of the fireplace.  Marlo was the first to follow and then Beanie showed close behind.  They climbed all over the sofa and beamed big smiles at me.  I've promised myself that when we buy new furniture for the living room... no more eating on the couch!  At least no eating on the couch if you are under 4 feet tall!

After dinner tonight I had all three kids line up against the inside of the door frame of our new closet in the dining room.  I measured their height to confirm what I already had guessed, Marlo is an entire inch taller than her sister Sabine!  Marlo weighs 30lbs, Sabine 21lbs., Marlo wears a size 7 shoe while Sabine is still a 6.  They both wear 2T clothing but the way the clothing fits their bodies is soooo different.  Amazing.  These sisters couldn't be more different.

Hugo is on his way to being a very good reader.  We are proud of him and his willingness to learn and try new things.  Hugo is happy about most things happening in his young life except for one very important thing.  Hugo hasn't lost any teeth yet and doesn't even have one loose tooth!  He doesn't like this bit of information much. 


Millie Price said...

so sweet. i miss them!

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